About Advantage Restaurant Equipment

The Leader in Providing Used & Refurbished Equipment Since 2011

Since 2011 Advantage Restaurant Equipment has been the leader in providing used and refurbished equipment to well-established food and beverage business and startups in the industry.

Advantage Restaurant Equipment, located in the greater area of Orlando, Florida, is a family-owned business that has carved its niche in the supply of high-quality restaurant equipment. Their top-notch service has revolutionized the food and beverage industry, providing an efficient solution for the acquisition of new, refurbished, and used restaurant equipment. One of their biggest selling points is their fast delivery service that ensures minimal downtime for any restaurant.

About Advantage Restaurant Equipment

From mom-and-pop diners to high-end gourmet establishments, they have the means to fulfill the specific needs of any restaurant with ease and precision. They boast an extensive catalog of premier brands, offering a diverse range of choices that aligns with the diverse needs and tastes of their clients. The list of brands available can be found on their webpage, giving potential customers the chance to browse and choose from a comprehensive collection that speaks to their individual restaurant’s character and requirements. With Advantage Restaurant Equipment, customers can expect a seamless, speedy, and satisfying shopping experience for all their restaurant equipment needs.

Our Story


In the Fall of 2010 Advantage Restaurant Equipment was founded in a small home office, by mid fall of 2010 our first 2,500 sq ft warehouse was leased. The goal was to focus on quality used refurbished equipment at prices that would allow you to afford the dream of being a restaurant entrepreneur.


In 2011 our warehouse space was doubled to 5,000 sqft, by year's end our warehouse space had expanded to 15,000 sq ft.


By Summer of 2013 we purchased 3.5 acres of property with 45,000 Sq ft under roof near the heart of Downtown Sanford.


The early part of 2014 we began providing our clients new smallwares and tablewares in the newly renovated retail space.


By the end of 2014 we set in place manufacturer relationships that would allow us to provide new equipment to our clients beginning in 2015.


By 2016 we completed the enclosure of a warehouse for an additional 5,000 sq ft of storage space. This allowed us to provide more of the quality brands of new equipment that our clients had become accustomed to purchasing.


Mid 2018 we grew our instore retail offerings to add paper and janitorial products.


By the beginning of 2019 we added local delivery of paper and janitorial products.


2020 Covid shut down most of the industry, however we remained open to the public to serve the community for PPE needs as well as provide access to the hard to find personal use necessities.


Entering 2022 with several large new projects completed, we expanded our team to be able to provide expansive knowledge on new project based builds.

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