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Woodstone Corp WS-MS-7 Pizza Oven

This thing is HUGE!


Our featured item for this month is this Wood Stone Corp WS-MS-7 Stone Hearth Oven. This unit features a door opening 42 inches wide x 12 inches high. The oven floor diameter is 74 inches, resulting in a 31-square-foot cooking surface.

The WS-MS-7 has a wide capacity range. And can hold the following : 8” Pizzas – 36-40; 10” Pizzas – 22-26; 12” Pizzas – 16-20; 16” Pizzas – 8-10

This oven is heated by an easily adjustable radiant flame located in the rear of the cooking chamber. User control ensures the ability to balance the oven’s radiated top heat with the heat being conducted and radiated from the floor.

Thinking this will be the perfect fit for your restaurant? Stop on in or give us a call at 407 321 9999

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