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Take a step back in time with us..

If you have ever been to our shop, you’ve probably noticed that upon entering you walk thru what we like to call Rod’s Museum, of which will take you through a time hop of kitchen equipment. Many times we’ve been asked if the equipment is for sale, and they all get the same answer, “Rod would kick us in the rear if we sold any of this! Haha” All in good humor of course. Every few blogs we decided to pick a piece and find out what we can, then share with our readers. For this month, we have chosen the classic Hobart C-100 Mixer!

2016-01-06 16.01.30

This particular piece left the factory October 9th 1961! Making it 54 years young! I’m not to sure where all this unit has been over the years, we got it from a church here locally in Sanford. Originally it went to S S Kressge Co. in Daytona Beach. After a few searches on the trustly world wide web, sadly did not find any information about S S Kressge Co in Daytona. It did return with S S Kresge Co which is Kmart’s original ‘mother’ company.  The two are very close in spelling so it could be a possibility that Hobart just made a typo, and we all know back then typewriters didn’t have a delete button. But unfortunately, we may never know.  If you happen to know anything about SS Kressge Co in Daytona Beach, FL I’d love to have some more information.

Sadly Hobart no longer makes this specific model nor supplies parts for them. And they are very rare to come by. Im sure with the times & technology there is a C-100 S Plus out there. If you have one, make sure to hang on to it! Who knows what it will be worth in another 50 years.


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