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Sell Your Used Restaurant Equipment

We Buy Your Used Restaurant Equipment

sell your used restaurant equipmentAre you looking to sell your used restaurant equipment? Many times businesses that change out their restaurant equipment need to find an outlet to recover some of their outlay. If you would like to sell your used restaurant equipment then contact us and we can give you a fair market value for your restaurant equipment. Conversely, some restaurants and supporting businesses feel the pinch of the economy and often have to shut the doors. The mad dash is on to recoup some of the costs in order to satisfy creditors or just recoup some of the companies losses.

Contact us now and we will be delighted to offer you a fair market price for your used restaurant equipment.

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Sell your used restaurant equipment

How do I sell my used restaurant equipment


First of all, you need to contact us to tell us what you have for sale and if all is well, we will make an appointment to come and inspect your equipment. If everything matches, we will offer you a price then and there and if you are happy, then we will pay you and arrange to have the equipment removed.

What can I expect to get if I sell my used restaurant equipment?

This is a loaded question because many factors have to be taken into consideration such as the age and the state of the equipment as well as any issues that may exist.



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